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Let me kick off my first post with something about myself. Well, I am not a newbie blogger. I already maintain the blog on Digg Stories. And I have been blogging long enough to contemplate moving to a domain of my own where I can talk on all the topics of my interest.But after discussing with other fellow bloggers, I have decided against it.

Here are a few reasons. Basically, the reason I wanted to move to my own domain was because I wanted to turn a pro blogger, which means I shall be writing a lot more and on a variety of more subjects rather than just discussing what is on Digg. To do that, I wanted to move to Wordpress since it provides the facility of categorizing the different posts.

But I find some basic disadvantages with this kind of a blog. The problem is both in Search Engine Optimization as well as in Adsense.

SEO requires that pages that link to your one particular webpage are of similar content to yours. So, if you were talking about widgets, the more incoming links you get from webpages talking about widgets, the higher your page will rank. Your page will be adversely affected if pages on various topics link to you.

So, if I have different category topics on my single blog, all of them inevitable link to each other; and so I might lose on my rankings.

Another aspect is with reference to Adsense. Though I do not intend to use Adsense in the near future, that is also an aspect to remember. Adsense displays ads based on what it perceives your page to talk about. If your links talk of varied topics, then chances are high that ads are not targetted enough. So, your clicks suffer..

So, what I have basically done is get myself different Blogspot pages for different themes. And even if I do link them together, my rank will improve since they are from different subdomains(which Google sees as those from different websites). So, page ranking will improve higher compared to one from a different category from inside the same site, which will be the case, if I were to go for a Wordpress blog on my very own domain.

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