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Mashups - How internet grows from here.. | Digg | Google | Reddit
Got a forward of a video from my friend. Shall upload it soon on You Tube..In it, David Berlind from ZDNet talks about how internet is moving ahead with what is called mashups. Mashups are being talked about for sometime now.

However, for those who do not know, Mashups are basically using the Application Programming Interface(APIs) from different sources of the internet to create your own mashup which can provide a unique service. For example, have you heard of Wikimapia? It uses the services of Google Earth and provides a service where you can edit info about different places on earth;something which Google Earth(the API here) does not itself provide.

Same way are those applications that help you find the singles available in your locality, crimes in your area,etc. It is indeed an interesting trend. Next time you plan to take up computer programming courses, take something in the direction of Web 2.0, and do not stop with the traditional C++ or Java.


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