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One-click automatic social bookmarking | Digg | Google | Reddit
If you notice my blog, I have a link for you to bookmark my blog above each of my blog entries. With so many social bookmarking tools available, it can sometimes get clumsy there, or I might fail to provide the, exact bookmarking tool that you, as a visitor use.

Socializer is an alternative to this mess. Socializer, itself is not a bookmarking tool, but it serves as a middleman, and with one click helps to submit the blog to the entire gamut of online social bookmarking websites available.

This shall help both the blogger in reducing the clumsiness of his website, as well as the reader, as it helps for universal bookmarking.

PS: Sorry, I have not put it in myself. I shall do it soon :)

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Comments on "One-click automatic social bookmarking"


Anonymous Ranjan said ... (9:54 AM) : 

Thanks Anand for the gr8 info. I found another way (thanks to Amit Agarwal) where you can add buttons for both bookmarking and for RSS feeds. The link is

Btw, what's the link for "Socializer"


Blogger jfsellsius said ... (1:00 AM) : 

You might also try &


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