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Last week, I had written about a piece on one of the online scam websites in my other blog. The page got indexed within a couple of days. With this came a lot of traffic from Google users who searched for the particular website. However, this new traffic lasted for not more than a day, because all of a sudden, the page got deindexed from Google again.

If you own a website or blog, then you should know that there exists only one way to remove a page already indexed by Google, and that is using meta tags in your coding page.

Since I had not observed a page getting indexed and deindexed before, I was for a moment baffled. Could this be the work of the scam site owners who got my page deindexed? However, I knew this was not possible.

It was only then that I could relate it with something I had learnt a long time back. This phenomenon is called Google Dance.

It happens because Google, while it spiders the webpages updates its indexes on over 10,000 servers worldwide. Each of them is a simple Linux PC. And Google updates each of them continuously, but individually.

Every time you query a string, the results emerge from one of these ten thousand servers indexes. And since it takes time before your page gets indexed in each of these 10000 servers, you might observe your webpage getting indexed and deindexed.

Google dance is also the cause for sometimes getting varying PageRanks for webpages. So next time you feel cheated on seeing your webpage off Google's results, remember the great Google dance!


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