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Ok..I will give you a website. But, I warn you..DO NOT OPEN THE LINK. I came across this one on Orkut. Some Pakistani guy had posted this on a community called 'INDIA' and this was meant to be a spyware to hack the info of whoever clicks on it.

The link is at <--DON'T CLICK
I might sound pathetically cautious, but then, I have never had a spyware on my computer, nor do I know what all ways they can attack us.

Just checked on a site for spyware..It says that the easiest way to remove spyware, or rather minimise the effect of it is to clear the cache of your browser, which could be exploited by the spier. Anyhow, make sure you scan your system for spyware immediately. And that is exactly what I am doing right now.

Also, in future, you can detect existence of spyware on your system if you detect anything abnormal happening on your system. By this, I mean, something like, search history different from what you expect your history to be, abnormal number of pop-ups. But then, pop-ups and stuff are okay, and are the kind of harmless spies doing it to advertise by spam. But if it is a spyware with an intention to hack your personal info, you are doomed. So, make sure you scan your system.


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