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I was recently searching for tips related to adding traffic to my blog. Here, I came across a blogpost regarding how to hack( or rather crack ) a Clickbank ebook related to blogging. It was unethical on part of me, but I proceeded to download the ebook.

While I will not divulge either the name of the ebook or the method to crack into the ebook without having to purchase it, let me tell you that this method actually helped me to get hold of over 20 such ebooks. But, no, I have downloaded them.

Rather, if you are planning to write an ebook for yourself, let me give you a few musts that you must ensure to prevent an ebook theft. If you are smart enough, you can track the method that I used to crack the ebook from this.

Tip 1
If you have a website that you are marketing your ebook from, then try not providing the secret link to the downloadable ebook also from the same website. Atleast upload your ebook from a free tripod page, but never from the same website

Tip 2
Make the link to your ebook rather long and boring. Like, use a lot of numbers and randomized text. I mean to say that, suppose your ebook is 'Internet Marketing'. Have the link somewhere in rather than

Tip 3
When a purchase is made, send the link through email rather than displaying it on the webpage. Remember that if the webpage is accessed from a public computer, then the information stored on cache can be very easily exploited.

Tip 4
Avoid using stereotyped words that come with thanking the customer on his purchase. This can be very easily used to crack a lot of ebooks. If you did not understand by what I wrote here, never mind, atleast read and follow the next tip very carefully.

Tip 5
This is the most important point of all. Never submit the website where you have uploaded the ebook to search engines. But if your position is such that you cannot have two different websites for marketing the ebook and providing the link, then atleast make sure that the Google bot does not index your link. To know more on this, learn how to remove a webpage from Google


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