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Over the past eight years, Google has simply transformed our lives. It first came up with a way to actually see what are the websites that exist on internet apart from the ones you knew. You simply had to search with a keyword to find out a site with that name. From that point, Google has come to play such a passionate part in our lives.

As it has seemed to conquer one part of the internet to another, I begin to think of what more Google can move on to from here. But this is when I stumbled upon one crappy spyware site and got hit with a spyware. Luckily, as of now, nothing bad has happened. I don't seem to have any data till now. But then, this has atleast made to think on what if Google moves into the security side as well.

I just checked into the Google site to see if there is anything cooking about this in their labs. I guess not. So, what if they actually move into anti-virus, anti-spyware providers. One thing is for sure - they are going to provide this for free, and all you have to do is get yourself a gmail account. Google gives you the whole world for free if you have an account with them.

Now, what is going to become of the established players like Norton, McAfee etc? I guess it definitely means serious problem for them. As of now, even AOL provides free security software for their account-holders. But Google coming into the arena now can prove to be real serious matter for the oligopolists in this field. Ok, even if Google is going to come, they definitely would want to buy one of the existing products, as they did with YouTube recently. So, all that the securitymen at Norton, McAfee and their ilk can hope is Google does not enter; and even if they do, they decide to buy their own company.


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