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Screensavers are most often chosen to display your attitude or passions. However, newer softwares allow you to customize screensavers to show your RSS feeds. NuParadigm offers a free download of a software to set up your RSS feeds to be displayed as a screensaver. The software looks to offer much more than a screensaver, in fact, as you can also use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate between stories, use your spacebar to open a story, etc.

NuParadigm is not the only one available. There are infact quite a few more as well. There is another popular software, the Tiger's Quartz composer which helps the user to create a customized RSS Screensaver. Microsoft has its own version, RSS "Screen Saver Starter Kit".

However, I felt NuParadigm should be much more useful as the other two softwares need a few prerequisites. Tiger's Quartz Composer works on Mac OS only. RSS Screen Saver Starter Kit, meanwhile, requires you to install the .Net framework. NuParadigm is just click to start if you don't have either of the other two prerequisites.

If you would want to download the .Net framework in order to try out the Microsoft product, you can do so here.


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