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Google Toolbar's 'Send to' option | Digg | Google | Reddit
There is an easy and short way to send the internet pages you are viewing to your Gmail account or blog it or even amazingly SMS it. For this you have somthing called the 'Send to' option on the Google toolbar.

When you click on this, you are given three options: Gmail, Blogger or SMS. Remember that you should already have a Gmail or Blogger account to do either of these. In fact, simply having a gmail account itself will do as Blogger beta requires only a gmail email account to sign in.
When you click on this, you get a short notice on this feature from wherein you can proceed. SMS, I believe is at present only available for American users as I was not able to check the facility from here and all the user networks available were American ones. Yet, this looks like an interesting feature that is easier to pass on a link, rather than copy pasting the link onto a text file and then forwarding it through your email.


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