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Inserting Adsense ads inside blog posts | Digg | Google | Reddit
Many of you have Google ads on your blogs. But, most often it looks pretty out of place, either on the sidebars or above or below the blogs. I do not know how effective the ads are at these places, since visitors, especially those for blogs are there only to read through the content. So, an ad at any other place other than inside and with the blog content sometimes looks out of place.

This post might get you started in trying out the most effective position of your ads. The simplest way to get your ads in between posts is to look into the template and place it at the right position.

On the template you will find tags(those that are enclosed inside angled brackets) such as BlogDateHeader, BlogItemTitle, BlogItemBody and BlogItemComments. These tags are self explanatory as to what they are supposed to display. Now, if you want to see your ads after the Item title but before the content, paste in between these two. Or otherwise, you can try out the other ways.

There are other different things that you can try out. You could probably use the DIV tags to align the ads to the left or right or center. Try the different attributes of the DIV tag for this.

Now, as far as what I think, the most effective ad might be somewhere along the sides, standing close to the actual post in contrasting color. To achieve this, use the TABLE tag. Create two columns and place the ads on one column, either left or right, and the content on the other. You could achieve something similar to what I made here.

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