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Googlebombs are of late proving to be the biggest of SEO headaches. When it first started, it was primarily meant for fun, and even I remember how I was amazed to see George Bush's page as the first link when typing in 'Failure' in Google.

This has now been taken up as the poorman's route to optimize his pages. If you do not have enough resources to advertise on other sites, if your site is not quality enough to get inward links from other sites, or if you only have a dumb article and are mainly relying on traffic to come and hit your Adsense ads; there is now one shortcut way in Googlebombing.

I did not give too much thought to this until I 'hacked' into ebook sometime back. The writer(who claims to be making $300 a day through affiliate marketing) claims to have used googlebombing as a technique to get an amazing number of hits to his blog. He has not made it an explicit statement about this, but he suggests that his blog got all its traffic only from such a technique.

Now, this ebook has been bougtht or atleast 'hacked'(or cracked, whatever it is) and so there has been an amazingly huge number of people who have access to this material. And obviously, he is not the only person to have written about this. People who cannot afford hundreds of dollars on SEO go to purchase such kinds of ebooks. So in short, successful men on internet have been advocating Googlebombing as the way to go if you really want to make it big here with your online business.

Leave the ethical part, it is personal; but the fact to ponder is what is Google going to do about this. The first time Bush was on top for the wrong reasons, Google dismissed it saying that it is a one-man's prank which does not require attention. But with so many resorting to bombing Google, Search algorithms are in grave need for attention. Obviously Google cannot penalize such links, as there are millions of genuine links too..For example, if I have to link to Google, I will obviously put 'Search Engine' as the anchor text. Penalizing will prove counter-productive. I did give a thought over this. There seems to be no good way to counter this.

But then, if you need a genuine quality link to show up next time you search, make sure you or other friends of yours are not bombing Google.


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