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Nothing is for passion on the internet | Digg | Google | Reddit
Do you make money from your blog or website? Or atleast do you have them simply to make money? Don't revert the question to me as I have no answer, but it is my guess that most people out here on the internet are simply here for just that.

For example,talk about blogging. Blogger lets you blog for both passion as well as put in Adsense ads and make an income. But this apart, there are quite a few blog sites like Blogcharm, Writingup which exist simply for the bloggers to make money from what they already have been doing; i.e blogging.

It is not just blogging. Even a simple news-bookmark site like Digg or Reddit have got something more to them. A report I came across recently made very much sense to me. What drives some people to spend something like 2-3 hours everyday submitting news on such websites. Probably they get paid to do just that.

In fact, there are websites like UserSubmitter that exist simply to exploit what is on Digg. Advertisers pay them to find 'diggers' so that they can take their news to the front page of Digg which gives them the necessary exposure.

Now, let us get to the top of the website hierarchy and talk about Google. Ok, they might not seemingly doing something that is polluting the web. But as I talked about Googlebombs sometime back, it is very much a reality that many results you get are also manipulated. And Google has not and cannot do anything to stop that.

So,the bottomline is that the web is clogged and polluted with people who are trying every possible way to make a buck out of the system. It is upto everyone of us to see that we do not choke the system eventually.


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