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Wannabe Music bands get the going interesting with Podcasting | Digg | Google | Reddit
I had recently blogged about why podcasting is not for everybody and how podcasting can actually backfire on non-native English speakers.

But I recently came across a few profiles on Myspace that have been using podcasting in an entirely new way.

So, if you are also a wannabe singer or musician, you could follow these simple few steps, that can hopefully make you great someday!

First, make professional recordings of your collections. This was obvious as you cannot market your song without having one.right?

Next, use free softwares like Audacity to edit and 'professionalize' your songs.Remember that if you want to make it big, it is only songs as these that can help you do that and so, keep tuning your song till you think it is perfect.

By this time, also open an account on Myspace, visit all the music profiles as yours, make friends there, and also add anyone and everyone who want to add you as a friend. The point is to have a large enough launchpad for your songs.

Now, make an interesting blog on the 'making of the songs' in your blog so that people actually remember you, when they probably listen to your songs.

Finally, post your songs to all your buddies on MySpace. Post a link to it on your blog. Make a music video too if you have the resources. Keep passing this to all the music groups on the list so that you get to become atleast locally famous.

Now, isn't that a great easy way to get recognized?


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