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How often have you come across this line. If you ask me, I would say that I see this almost everytime I register for something online. But still, I doubt if each one of those people getting your personal information ever stick to their word. If they had , there would never exist anything called spam.

Ok, there is one way you can find out who is spamming you, or rather who leaked your info. All you need is a gmail account. If you already have one, here is how you proceed.

Gmail offers the facility to use multiple email addresses. In the sense that suppose my email id is, any email of the form also reaches my inbox.

So, each time you register to a particular website, provide your email address as

Now, all these mails from all the sites get into your inbox. You need to classify the mails according to the source. To do this, go to settings inside your account. Here, click Filter. Set a unique label for all emails that are delivered to that one particular email id.

Now, you only need to keep track of whether all the emails delivered under one label are from one particular website only. If there is another website sending you an email from a label that it is not supposed to send to, then you can very easily make out that it is this website that leaked your information to the spammer!!


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