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Editing your CSS templates | Digg | Google | Reddit
Do you like the changes that I have made to my blog? I have now set any links to be highlighted with an orange background whenever you take the pointer over it. I have also changed the font to Arial Narrow.

All this is thanks to ProBlogger. If you also like the settings that you observe in some blogs, you can view how it is done by viewing their CSS template file. To do this, go to the website that you want to view, click on View -> Page Source.

Here, if you scroll down, you will find a file (with extension .CSS) that has been 'imported'. This file contains information on how the fonts, color, background etc should look like. For my case, I checked with a{......} and a hover{....} settings, and opened my Template from Settings tab and incorporated the changes.

But remember that sometimes the CSS file can be made hidden. So, you can view a CSS page only so long as it is not hidden.

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