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One thing Google has so well managed to do is capture the top market share in any side of web technology they get into. Blogger was a top blogging platform and Google got themselves to the top by acquiring it. YouTube was the most favorite website for a majority of internet users, ahead of even Google Videos, and Google has acquired it.

In doing so, Google has, no doubt proven it's leadership in the Cyber industry. But it has also resulted in double-management for similar technologies.

Take for instance YouTube and Google Videos. Both offer the same service of personal video uploads and sharing. In fact, Google Videos is still in beta version. Now, that YouTube has been acquired, this has now resulted in Google managing two products, of the same category. I do not know if Google will, if it were to merge both of them, make Google Video You Tube, or the other way round.

I speculate on Google Videos giving way to YouTube primarily because YouTube is simply much more popular given that Google Videos was popular mainly because of Google running it. Another factor is that Google has stopped showing Google Videos on its homepage. Google users would remember Videos( with a new tag) being displayed on the Google search page till sometime back. But now, it is not seen even when you click on more and view all Google services.

This is not the only double game that Google has to play. One another is that of blog search. Blog directories like Blogosphere, Blogorama are already getting hugely popular. Technorati is famous for all the latest entries made by bloggers. In this situation, Google has the challenge of managing two blog search engines, one of Blogger and the other of Google itself.

Now, Google should be looking at merging one onto the other. But then, is Google looking at claiming the number 1 and 2 position in every segment that they are running two products in every segment. Or is Google apprehensive about not exploiting the brand value of its acquisitions that it is not talking about merging its own products in a segment with its acquired product.

It is not going to affect Google's revenues anyway, though such a merger would avoid duplication of resources and more cost-effectiveness.


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