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If you are a webmaster or a SEO expert yourself, you will know the extent of influence a high ranking website's link to your website does. I recently had this experience when linked to one of my article and I was taken aback to see the sudden huge increase in the number of visitors to my other blog.

Websites are coming out with new innovative ways to buy links from other websites. But, really high ranking websites demand a fortune for a link to your website. The better way is to get links from many lesser ranking websites by providing them an incentive.

This is the methodology under which PayPerPost works. This website targets bloggers to write a review for the advertisers with one or more links to the specific URL. Bigger websites which offer bigger revenue per review also demand decent PageRanked blogs but these are few and far between.

I haven't thought about joining it yet. Probably I shall make use of one other blog which I have given up writing on for that purpose. It is nice to review products, especially if you get paid, right!?

I have received quite a few emails after my blog post on Orkut last week for invites. If you too are one of them, do send me an email to s.anand1[-at-] . I do not use the email in my profile for any communication.

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